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South Park Mexican

South Park Mexican started rapping in the early 90’s and dropped his first album “Hillwood” under Dope House Records, a record label he started with his brother Arthur Coy Jr. He released the classic Hustle Town next and continued with Power Moves and The 3rd Wish In 2000 he partnered with Universal in a million dollar deal and released The Purity Album , Time Is Money, and Never Change. In late of 2001 he was accused of a crime that he did not commit. Just a few days before his trial started he recorded Reveille Park in just two days. He was sentenced to 45 years with a chance of parole in October of 2024. No physical evidence was found or presented in court. In 2006 he released When Devils Strike. Although being locked up this album hit the Billboard Charts and showed he still had a lot of supporters. He continued to drop Last Chair Violinist in 2008. The next album didn’t come until 6 years later. The Son of Norma came out in 2014. SPM then dropped a few singles under Dope World Entertainment from 2016-2018 such as The Forgotten Folders and Salem's Lot (feat. Carley Coy). At this time his daughter @Carley Coy aka Carley Brown and two sons @Baby Los & J.D. Coy also started making music. SPM’s next album came in 2018 Forty Eight, 2019 The Devil's Mansion 2020 Telephone Road 2023 3 Decades of Dope Vol. 1: A Trip Through Time. Dope House continues to drop New SPM music, and 2024 will be a big year for SPM fans. Stay Tuned for New Music! Day of the Wetback Freestyle