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Dope House Records was founded in 1992 by Arthur Coy, Jr. and his brother and now-imprisoned rapper Carlos Coy (a.k.a. South Park Mexican) who released his debut album Hillwood Mastermind that same year; a Houston, Texas based independent record label specializing in Rap with a roster that has included artists such as Baby Beesh (now Baby Bash), Juan Gotti, Low G, Rasheed, Coast, Powda, Carolyn, Grimm, Lucky Luciano, and Major Riley. In 2000, DHR joined forces with Universal Records. Several SPM albums were released and the notoriety of SPM continued to skyrocket.

Included in the inventory of DHR are the Screwston; the Chopped and Screwed versions of many of the songs that Dope House Records has released from the beginning of their existence. Currently in the works is the NEW SCREWSTON RELEASE “SLOW LEARNER”.

This small label brought the Rap industry to a new level and was number #3 on the TOP INDEPENDENT Billboard Charts when SPM’s latest album “The Last Chair Violinist” was released in November of 2008. Dope House Records continues to grow with the many projects scheduled for 2009 and 2010. has become a nationally recognized site for news, updates, fans, merchandise and now their own internet radio.